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February 28, 2013
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Saving myself for marriage

Dear Pastor,

Salutations to you and much respect for your honesty towards every problem. I can see that you give true and honest opinions, so that is why I am asking you to help me.

No matter what I do, the relationships I engage in never seem to last long. The longest relationship I have had was for about two months. The others have only lasted for days or weeks. Once I was with this guy and I ended the relationship after he began talking about sex. I am a very shy person and I am still a virgin.

I think my shyness has allowed these relationships not to last long. I hardly kiss or allow guys to touch me because I want to save myself for my husband. I want to focus on my work and continue to do well so I can have a bright future, which is why I never have time for a boy I am in a relationship with.

After school I don't go in the town. I just go straight home. I don't go to parties or even go to eat out with friends. Whenever a guy wants to meet me, I blow it off or tell him I am busy, which is true. Sometimes I feel I have no social life, only school and church. I am not a "goody two-shoes"-I do wrong things at times. I just want to be treasured and have a long, lasting relationship without having sex before marriage. How would you advise me?

Forever Alone

Dear Forever Alone,

Whenever you meet a guy who truly loves you, he would not force you to do anything that you do not wish to do. And if you love him, you would want to make time to be with him. Evidently, that time has not yet come, so you need not think that something is wrong with you.


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