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February 28, 2013
Star Tell Me Pastor


Emotional and physical need of a mature person

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for the sensitive way you handled the matter of the 65-year-old grandmother and her sex life. You recognised that her grandson is embarrassed, but at the same time you were careful to point out that she is still young and that he should allow her to live her life.

It is very difficult for young people to see their parents, let alone their grandparents as having need for intimacy. There are also many frustrated mature persons who are denying themselves honest, intimate relations because they are dependent on their children or don't wish to embarrass them.

I am a divorcee approaching 60 myself and I would love if you could write more about the emotional and physical needs of mature persons so that everyone on both sides of the age divide can understand. Thanks


Dear K.M.,

Thanks for both your observation and suggestion. Let me hope that you will have a very happy birthday when it comes. I hope you are excited.


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