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March 7, 2013
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Matey get a beaten

Propa respek to all a mi good-up good-up Tambareen Fambily massive. An bless up to all mi mixupyaad.com linky-linky. A how unu a goh soh haad wid di mix-up dem weh una a sen mi. Crazy text mix-ups, pitcha mix-ups, audio mix-ups an video mix-ups. Jus bare mix-ups!! Mi doan even have time fi post all a dem. Buts theys shalls be posteds!! LOL. Mixupyaad.com to di worl! Awright pree da mix-up ya now.

Matey get a Beaten

Mi seh Raga, mi an mi babyfather together fi almost seven years, but mek mi tell yu, it full a nottin but sex, lies and deceit. Him cheat pan mi left right and centre. So one a di time wen him cheat and mi go catch him wid one a him gal dem pan one a him hang-out spot and mi beat him and pap out him dread dem and dash it a grung, mi couldn't deal wid him nuh more. So mi go deal wid another dude. So since den we on and off till mi get pregnant fi him, end up moving out a New York state just fi get wey from him.

But mi neva give up mi apartment there cause I go back and forth. Him get ina some ... an lose him apartment and ask mi if him can stay deh so mi say yea, but mi mek him know nu bring nu woman in deh cause mi baby sleep pan di bed wheneva mi in NY. Him tek God afa di cross and say him wouldn't disrespect mi like dat. Valentine's weekend mi decide fi go spend time wid him, but mi couldn't leave on Valentine's Day which was a Thursday, so mi decide fi lef di Friday, but miss di train by a min before it lef so mi did afi catch a lata train. When mi reach NY Raga, mi couldn't find mi door key fi go in so mi call him till mi blue, no answer.

So mi knock a neighbour window fi him let mi in di building. Den mi ring mi apt door ova an ova, no answer. Mi start worry now cause mi have mi six-year-old and mi seven-month-old baby wid mi ina di cold. So mi ring again and finally him son open di door. Right away as mi reach in summin jus neva feel right to mi. Him son go ahead and open di bedroom door and him lock it back quick an a tell mi bout somebody in deh, but mi push di door open cause mi did deh right behind him.

Wen mi turn on di light, an look a one short fat naked gal mi stand up ova a swipe him. I jump pan har and start beat har like a runaway slave! By dis him still lay dung pan di bed like him drunk. Mi beat har, mi beat har and all di gal a do a scream. A guess him sober up after bout five mins and grab mi and a try pull mi afa har but a so him pull mi, a so mi pull har an a beat di gal. Him grab mi now an push mi ina di bathroom so she can leave but she still ben dung ina di corner a scream. So mi hear him a say to har "Hey idiot gal run out ya, wa yu a wait pan fi leave u wah she kill you".

A so she grab har stuff dem an run downstairs naked an go call police. Mi start box him up ina him face and kick him ina him balls and grab a liquor bottle fi cloth him ova him head, cause him mek she get weh, an all now mi woulda still a beat har. Him explanation is him beg har a money and she bring it come and ask fi see weh him live, so dem go upstairs but him nu know nuttin afta dat cause him did a drink, get drunk an fall asleep, an him think she did lef cause she deh pan har monthly, an him not even did feel she a gi him nu head. An di whole ting did seem like a dream to him. Now him a beg fi forgiveness.

Listen mi nuh ...! Yuh know seh yuh have me laugh lakka me a eediat wen mi read weh yuh say yuh ketch yuh matie an beat har like a runaway slave!! A buss a piece a laugh dat mi nayba dem mus tink mi mad. Of course, the thought of a runaway slave being beaten a nuh supm funny. Dat a nuh supm fi laugh bout. But, the point you were making is that runaway slaves were really badly beaten wen caught ‹ an a soh yuh beat di gyal bad, bad, bad!! Nooooo sah!!

But big an serious though, your problem is not wid di woman dem weh yuh babyfada a keep, yuh issue is wid yuh babyfada himself. But me see yuh a tek time govan yuh ting. Slowly but surely yuh a figure out yuh way. Jus gwaan goh tru same way. Jus rememba, di first person fi tek care a you is YOU. If you nuh love, respect an tek care a yuh self, no one else will. So jus gwaan marshal yuh ting an grow fram strength to strength.

Raga a cheer fi yuh!! Same soh!!

Awright peeps see unu nex Tuesday same place yah soh. Bless up unu self mi gaan back ova mixupyaad.com ya now.

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