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April 2, 2013
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Singer J performs with Michael Moore

Singer J

Dancehall entertainer Singer J is forming a musical partnership with Michael Moore, head of the United States-based Roses International Sound, a move that he hopes will catapult his career to the next stratosphere.

"Ah him approach me and say, 'Singer J, yu voice pretty, yu have one of the biggest, baddest voices inna dancehall, we affi give yu a strength'. So mi ah look fi great things right now wid mi career, which needs structure in terms of management and promotion. Ah Roses mi say. Right now, everything inna the pipeline," Singer J said.

Moore is the son of the late William 'Willie Haggart' Moore, the reputed leader of the Black Roses Crew.

The artiste's street promotion will be handled by the competent producer and he is already seeing the dividends as his latest single, Stay Away, is extremely popular on FM radio.

Heavyweight disc jocks like Big A, Johnny Kool and Ice have been spinning the record.

Stay Away was co-written with fellow artiste Nicky B and released on the One Life rhythm for Never Sleep Productions.

"Plans are underway to shoot the video this month," he said.

The artiste enjoyed a resurgence in his career with the great success of the Gangnam Badman Style remix that became a huge hit in the dancehall. The song and video, inspired by South Korean rapper Psy's Gangnam Style worldwide smash, has generated over 400,000 hits on YouTube.

"And it still ah get crazy play inna the dances dem inna Jamaica. The song 'shell down' Club Hibiscus inna Boston the other day, and it just ah tek off the real way inna New York. Right now, ah the hottest song ah Brooklyn. King Addies send money come Jamaica fi do dubs and that no gwaan unless the song really a shot. Right now, it stiil ah feature pon Hot 97, so mi feel great," Singer J said.

He also performs regularly in the United States, and rocked a show in Florida earlier this month.

"Mi fan base big over in the United States because I have made my name as a great performer," he said.

Singer J's bookings are handled by Real Mad Entertainment and Cariblink. Since his career has reignited in the streets, established producers such as Markus Myrie and Mikey Bennett have begun to send beats his way. There are already advanced plans to do a one-drop album for internationally recognised reggae maestro Mikey Bennett.

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