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April 5, 2013
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Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Wee Pow at the controls of Stone Love Movements. - File

The members of The Immortal Stone Love sound system are in shock after several of their top selectors were recently denied work permits for the United States of America despite previously having it.

According to Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell, nine members of the team went to the embassy recently to secure work permits for upcoming tours, but six persons were refused.

"We went to the embassy to fulfil an appointment and were told to wait a few more minutes. After waiting for an extended period of time, we were called in again and told that we were denied," Wee Pow told THE WEEKEND STAR

He went on that this all started in 2012.

"From March 2012 last year, we knew something was up. One of the selectors who has been travelling to the US for 15 years was refused the permit. Every time we travel, they always send us in a second immigration line. Everybody has been travelling on work permits, so I don't understand why they would deny us now," Wee Pow said.

Wee Pow said that he spoke to members of the team and enquired if any of them had ever run into problems with the law, which may have been a factor in the embassy's decision.

"I can only speak for myself, but when I asked my workers if they had any problems with the law, all of them said no. I was trying to get an explanation from the embassy as to why we were refused and they just said that we should read the green paper that they gave us."

With several shows already booked in the United States, Wee Pow says he does not know what will happen.

"I really don't know, enuh. I haven't even explained this to any of the promoters as yet. Normally, the promoters would request the selectors that they want to play at their events, but most of the persons who are normally booked have been refused by the embassy. Dem just lick whe all a di top man dem," he said. I don't know what's next for us."

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