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April 26, 2013
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Gage fires lyrical blows at rivals


Dutty Fridaze recording artiste Gage has recorded a scathing diss song, 'Gaza Defender', that takes potshots at rival recording artistes Popcaan, Blak Ryno and Tommy Lee Sparta.

The song has been making the rounds in the street-dance circuit of the Corporate Area.

"It premiere first ah Mojito Mondays, it play ah Boasy Tuesdays and dances all over the place, when it ah play some place, mi ah get ping pon mi phone. The ting ah shot," an animated Gage said.

He said he felt compelled to do the song because he was worried about the future of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel's 'Gaza' legacy.

"Well, basically, to me, it look like Gaza ah pop down, the artistes dem who rise through it now just a use it fi a hype. Dem no real to the ting. Vybz Kartel himself disappointed inna dem the two woman, Gaza Slim and Sheba, realer than the others, so mi see say Gaza need a defender. Kartel get lock up, so Gaza get lock down, and that's why him change it to PG 13, because nobody nah represent the Teacha," Gage said.

The Gaza Defender single is produced by Ajang Records.

"None ah dem coulda never be Kartel son dem, dem ah jacket. Ah reality, but nobody nu waan talk. All three ah dem, the one weh say him a bruk rule, the cartoon network and the beating stick, none ah dem nah say Gaza and ah Gaza build dem. Dem a use di name fi get forward," Gage said.

Mi ah original

So what if people feel that he is doing the same by doing a song called Gaza Defender?

"Mi ah original. Mi no carbon, real Gaza defender, mi nah wallow inna no bwoy style. Mi nah really use the name for a forward, I am also a fan. Who in de nah do nothing? Mi a represent all the fans who no have no voice but dem no like wah a gwaan," he said.

Gage has performed across various parishes in Jamaica and has informally shared stages with Sizzla and Munga at events held in his community. Gage recently shot his first video for Boom Boom, a lyrically sound song with a catchy hook. Produced by DJ Kareem and his personal management team, Dutty Fridaze Promotion, Boom Boom sounded a warning that Gage is ready for the big times.

Gage plans to compile an album soon that will inject life into the flagging dancehall industry.

"The Dutty Fridaze team is proud to have the artiste as a part of the team because he is beyond promising," Vanclive Parris, a partner of Dutty Fridaze Promotion, said.

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