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May 10, 2013
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Ghost attacks draw crowd

Scores of persons turn up in Rose Hall district in St Elizabeth to view a pair of duppies who are said to be terrorising residents of a house.

Cops, firemen called to scene

Crowds of people from near and far have been gathering in the quiet community of Rose Hall, St Elizabeth, to witness recent reports that ghosts have been beating members of a family, stoning their home and causing mysterious fires.

It is reported that the strange occurrences have been happening for the past two weeks at a house in the community.

When our news team visited the community on Wednesday, the members were just in time to witness a body of people seeking information about the series of incidents.

When we approached the house the family was spilt on divulging information to our news team, and we were met with great resistance from a female relative, who told our crew we should leave her property. "We nuh want it publicised, leave we and wi duppy dem. Di priest and our family a deal wid di situation," the woman said.

After moving away from the house, THE WEEKEND STAR went to the group of persons who had gathered to see the latest adventures involving the ghosts.

We were told that so alarming is the occurrence at the family home, the Junction Fire Department and police in the parish have already been called in for help, but to no avail.

"Di people dem never see anything like this yet, when a chair did ketch a fire inna dem bathroom, mi go fi tek di picture on my phone and from mi tek di picture mi phone freeze up, and up to now mi can't find di picture on mi phone," a resident said.

THE WEEKEND STAR was informed that if we were a bit earlier, we would have witnessed a priest leaving the family home with one of the three duppies he had caught in a small bottle.

"A judgement a happen dung a dis a place yah, di duppy dem a fling ketchup bottle, pepper bottle, blue soap and nuh stop fling stone and beat up di people dem. Mattress ketch a fire, window curtain ketch a fire, all di kitchen cupboard di duppy dem tear down," a resident said.

In another incident, a family member is reported to have got the shock of his life, when one of the duppies drove off with his vehicle.

"My cousin had just done an errand and was about to leave the house, I get to understand that he was pressing the gas pedal and di van wouldn't move. Mi hear dat little afta dat di van tek off by itself at about 200 miles per hour with di man inna di van a bawl fi help. Di van drive itself straight into di square and mek a sudden stop, and di man so frighten, jump out a di van and drop pan him back. Him could a have a heart attack," a relative said.

It is unclear as to what was said to have attracted the ghosts but several rumours have been swirling in the community, including one that the family has allegedly spent over $500,000 so far to get rid of them.

"Let mi tell you, a Sunday night di duppy dem gwaan bad. Di family dem want some rest yah now. Di old man weh live down at the house get some lick from di duppy. Di old lady get lick inna har head wid spray bottle. Stone all a drop out of the ceiling pan dem inna bed. When di duppy a beat di woman she a tell di duppy fi lick her if him bad and dat time di duppy fling on lick pan di woman," a relative who overnighted at the home revealed.

Our news team saw broken windows that residents say have been damaged by the duppies.

The Junction police said a young man was recently taken into custody in relation to a stone-throwing incident at the home.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the family thought the young man was responsible for stoning their home, however, our news team got word from the police that even when the young man was in custody, the stoning of the home was still happening.

A senior officer said that they had no choice but to release the suspect.

The Junction Fire Department also confirmed responding to reports of a fire at the home, however, when they visited there was no fire.

"Something mysterious is happening at that place. When we made checks there was no electrical short circuit and no evidence of how and where a fire started," a firefighter said.

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