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May 24, 2013
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'Duppy' suspect demands compensation
Andre Williams, STAR Writer

The mysterious antics at a home in Red Bank district, Rose Hall, St Elizabeth, allegedly by ghosts, have become a big talking point, however, the man who was initially alleged to be responsible is still angry and demanding compensation.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that after being wrongfully fingered in destroying property and causing misery to a family's house, 46-year-old Everton Brooks is seeking answers and compensation for what he claims is the trauma and pressure faced during time spent in custody.

Brooks spent three days and four nights in police custody, which saw him entering two lockups, Junction and Black River, respectively.

He said: "Dem tell lie seh a me dem see a trow stone on di house and a trouble dem. Dem describe di person to the police saying is a brown man with long hair. So when di police dem come, dem call mi and tell mi wah gwan, den dem handcuff me and carry mi weh."

Brooks said while he was detained, people entered his premises, which is close to the 'troubled' premises, and stole several items, including a 35-year-old axe given to him by his deceased father.

"Mi want back mi tings. All mi fada dead-lef axe dem gone wid and mi brand-new drum. Mi want mi daddy axe!" Brooks said. "People seh mi fi sue dem, but dem done in a dem problem already. Weh dem go tell lie pan me fah! and me and dem nuh have nothing. Dem a get assistance ya now and nobody nah look sideways pan me and a dem accuse me wrongfully. After me nuh know nothing bout nuh duppy!"

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that the St Elizabeth police were forced to release Brooks from custody after the mysterious behaviour continued while he was detained.

A resident said: "Di police dem did have fi let him go because di people dem come under attack from the duppy dem while him lock up, so di police ask di person who mek di report if him have a twin because a can't di same man weh lock down still a cause trouble."

The Junction police told our news team that they had no choice

but to release Brooks. "Based on the allegations, the accused was apprehended; however, the mysterious problems persisted and he was later released," a senior officer said.

THE WEEKEND STAR was also told by Brooks that since his release, he got a haircut and left the area to cool off from the unwanted attention.

Crowds of people from near and far have been gathering in the quiet community to witness recent reports that ghosts have been beating members of a family, stoning their home and causing mysterious fires.

Member of Parliament for South East St Elizabeth Richard Parchment visited the family and the house with a team who prayed for the family, and normality was believed to be restored until the eerie activities began again.

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