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May 25, 2013
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Boss Minion poised to dominate airwaves

Boss Minion

Boss Minion is poised to bring back the 'good ole days of reggae' and create waves on the music scene.

However, under the guidance of Tymin Entertainment, the recording artiste is intent on making an indelible mark as a renowned reggae artiste while engaging fans in Jamaica and around the world.

With his latest tracks, Dope Is No Game and Fed Treatment, which have been enjoying rotations on FM radio, the humble Trelawny native is ready to prove that he can be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

"I have my own signature style, my music speaks reality, the truth. It also reflects my youth, where I used to listen to Bob Marley, Papa San, Brigadier Jerry and Yellowman. I am about to take the world back to the good days of reggae," said Boss Minion.

However, fresh from his performance at the Police Youth Club on Saturday, May 4, in Spanish Town, Boss Minion left patrons on a musical high, yearning for an encore.

According to Tymin Entertainment manager John Tyson, "Boss Minion has a unique sound, which is a signature of his. so once fans hear his voice, they will definitely know his songs after that one time."

As the artiste continues to gain a steady momentum on the playlists of many radio stations with tracks like Gwen, Babylon vs Rudeboy, Fed Treatment, he is now, without a doubt, ready to release hits to add to his musical collection as he works up a sweat in studio.

"Fans can download my songs on itunes, also the single Gwen speaks to my versatility as an artiste, it's a fusion of jazz and R&B," shared the artiste.

Meanwhwile patrons will also get a chance to experience Boss Minion's performance up close, at The Sperlina Man Show at Bob Marley beach, St Thomas, which features Chronixx among other major acts.

Boss Minion wants to assure fans that, he will continue to make good music, which at times can be considered as thought provoking or entertaining, or both, but this passionate and frank artiste is keen more than ever on building a strong and consistent presence in the music industry.

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