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June 24, 2013
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Di smartphone dem maaad!

The technology of today is both helpful and frightening all at the same time! I'm sure when Graham Bell designed phone him neva mek it fi can do so much tings! Mi seh di way dem nowadays phone yah advance it soon can mek yuh breakfast and clean yuh house!

Mi seh di phone dem maaad! When mi remember the big "fridge" phone dem wah coulda buss yuh head and how technologically advanced they now are, it is mind blowing. Mi no know bout unnu but some a di features dem freak mi out and mek mi feel fraid. Phone can turn on and turn off TV now, it can jump pon di Internet by yuh quint, it can open yuh eye inna picture if yuh eye did lock and if smaddy come ina yuh picture who yuh neva want in deh yuh can with one swipe remove dem! Dat good fi when yuh and smaddy lef so yuh no haffi dismantle di entire picture so mi kinda like dah feature deh.

Yuh can talk to di phone like a smaddy and it a respond inna real time with di right answers! Mi go inna my friend car and the phone call her by her name and seh welcome ... the way mi frighten mi a ask her a which gal dat in yah wid we cause mi know duppy couldn't so brazen fi out inna middle day inna sun hot! Then she a talk back to the phone and a tell her seh she feel down today and want some motivational speech, the damn phone start spit out some motivational lines to her and I just sat there in awe.

When the phone reel off one set, she tell the phone she want more and the phone just a send on and when it done, it say "I hope you feel better now". Now in all my time mi neva know seh phone coulda do so much tings and every day the technology increase and put out more things.

I'm all for technological advancement but mi tink some a dem phone yah gone far! It come in like to how the technology tun up the phone will call God pon yuh! Yuh can set it so that it can track yuh every move and location which mi know most man naa go like but most woman will like dah part deh. So when yuh call and him seh him deh X place yuh jus go pon yuh phone, type in weh fi type in an wappy pon him baxide! What a drama pon di land! Di man dem a Jamaica woulda have constant diarrhea.

To learn about a phone nowadays is like yuh haffi tek leave from work and study it like an exam. And by the time yuh learn it and a get hip wid it dem come out wid a new one wid more features and yours weh yuh buy three months ago played out! Dem a move too fast man and sometimes a one likkle change but unnu know how Jamaicans stay!

Mi want fi ask di manufacturers dem fi slow down likkle an tek time wid wi but mi woulda really love dem fi develop an app fi detect liad and badmind people so as yuh come near dem di phone start fi mek noise. Some a di phone dem a informa. As di man gone bathe an we a tek a likkle peep inna di phone it a snap we picture! weh di damn phone a do dat fah?! If mi did want him fi know mi woulda search it in front a him! Then dem have a tendency fi call who yuh no waa call cause dem so sensitive.

Yuh have BBM, Whatsapp, dat app and dis app, sometimes mi cyaa keep up cause if yuh follow dem new age phone yah yuh no do yuh wuk, yuh food bun up when yuh a cook and all when yuh a "sort out" yuh a text an tweet ... well dat a if it no sweeet! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala ... lol.

Di phone dem a go hard though. People hardly having conversations anymore and sometimes the phone come in like a wedge bewteen friends and couples. Dem do a survey wah day that proved that the average person today can't go without 20 minutes of touching dem phone an mi naa lie mi guilty! Di phone dem suck we in in such a way dat all when it no ping we tek it up fi see if we miss anything and inna middle night yuh get up fi use the bathroom and haffi check it all when sleep a beat yuh!

Mi know cause it happen to me but what to do more than use the technology and use it responsibly. No mek it rule yuh and no sell out yuh soul and integ-rity fi keep up wid it.

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