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July 24, 2013
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Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

A case of hearsay has resulted in the paternity of an eight-year-old child being questioned by her alleged father.

Forty-two-year-old Victoria Goodenof Portmore, St Catherine, called our offices seeking a DNA test because her estranged husband is doubting the paternity of her daughter for reasons she says are unknown.

Victoria told THE STAR that about three weeks ago, her estranged husband Andrew Goodentold her that he heard from a reliable source that their eight-year-old daughter is not of his loins.

Victoria: "I don't know why he has doubts, he says my friend says my daughter is not his child, but mi know that is his own, so I seh to him, let's do the DNA test."

THE STAR contacted Andrew and he explained why he has doubts:

Andrew: "About three months ago, a friend of Victoria's best friend told me that she (the best friend) told her that the child annuh my pickney, mi nuh really listen to hearsay but if har best friend weh dem a 'bench and ..... ' cudda seh dat, then I have reason to have doubts."

The pair who have been married for some 16 years told THE STAR that the paternity doubts had nothing to do with the termination of their relationship, according to Andrew, he moved out of the matrimonial home two years ago because of his wife's alleged infidelity.

THE STAR asked the pair whom the child resembles:

Victoria: "She looks like me."

Andrew: "People seh the child resembles me, but not because people seh a child look like yuh that mean seh is mine, mi see that happen to nuff people already, where pickney look jus like dem, and is not theirs."

When THE STAR asked if anyone in their community is aware of these doubts.

Victoria: "No one else knows, is only him alone seh suh!"

Andrew: "My mommy knows about the doubts."

The child is registered in Andrew's name.

When asked what they would like the result to reveal:

Victoria: "I want the result to say that it's his child."

Andrew: "Mi and her have a loving relationship, I want it to say it's positive, a positive is easier to deal with than a negative."

Andrew went on to tell THE STAR that if the result should say the child is not his, it would complicate the relationship he currently has with the child.

Andrew: " Mi wudda affi figure out how mi wudda react to har (the child), mi nuh know how mi wudda react."

Names changed

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