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August 19, 2013
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Big up our athletes!

Mi seh if mi love Usain Bolt one more time mi jus a go flick, split and wine when mi see him! How di man ting tun up so loud?! Mi seh mi downtown wid Digicel over the weekend and the place cork and ram and di vibes just sweeet like sugah!

When di 'Track Boss' show pon di big screen weh Digicel set up down deh, the crowd erupted with joy and pride! All who did a do back-to-school shopping and a do dem regular Saturday hustling stop and a watch the living legend "dweet again"! When him cross di finish line mi hear a woman seh "Jesus Christ cold bump a tek mi inna di heat yah! Mi love dah likkle bwoy deh yuh see!" From mi look inna her yeye mi see seh she woulda rob di cradle and put a sootha inna him mouth!

But wid all the crime and violence and trying and testing economy weh we a face when yuh see all Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and all Warren Weir and di whole a dem a run dem heart out, dem really give all of us a sense of pride and mek we really want beat we chest and seh we a JAMAICAN! Not to mention di young man weh dem seh name 'Donkey Man', who run from sixth place an run second; him deserve a extra medal fi effort, will and drive because mi know him did haffi dig deep inna him toenail fi come up wid dah medal deh! Mi jus happy fi dem and so proud of dem and may God continue to shine his light upon dem so dat dem can continue to make a positive mark on the world!

Donkey Man

But as mi seh di yute name Donkey Man, mi haffi laugh and shake mi head enuh because when it come to nickname mi tink the Jamaican one dem a di baddest! Mi hear some alias inna my likkle lifetime weh mi haffi really wonder what the hell were these people thinking?!

Mi hear smaddy a call smaddy 'Iitty' but when mi tek a stock the "sh" did deh pon it but mi neva hear good! When mi inquire as to how dat deh name deh got stuck pon him, dem seh him did drop inna "itty wata" when him did likkle so it just stick. Name like "dawgbite", "stabba" ,"dawgface", "bullet", "worm" and "king kong" and yuh waa hear how dem answer to dem name haughty and fine and dem no mek it bodda dem.

Weh mi realise too is that if yuh frowns and vex up when dem a try stick a name pon yuh a dat time it a go stick like Velcro and will last a lifetime. Even sometime when mi a watch the obituaries pon TV and mi see some alias weh people have, a pop up and laughing because mi a seh only in JA!

No one is spared

To how we terrible wid the name calling all the disabled we stick name pon and is like a no nutten to some a dem. Is like a man or woman just see dem situation and embrace it and just work wid it. Though some names are insensitive and out-of-order more time a nickname is one of endearment.

So if yuh have one a any body part yuh nickname a 'Oney'. If yuh are visually impaired dem call yuh 'One look ... two see' or if yuh eye cast dem call yuh 'Look-a-bush'. If yuh cyaa walk dem jus call yuh 'Cripple' or 'Nooky and if one a yuh foot shorter than the other dem seh 'Drop Short'.

But all when me deh deh a get upset pon the people dem behalf cause mi a seh how unnu fi a call di people dem dat, they don't even seem perturbed. And again its comes back to our indomitable fighting spirit cause fi live and survive a Jamaica yuh skin haffi thick and yuh just haffi know how fi stand fi yuhself and stand up to criticism and not be a victim.

And sometimes when people throw lemons at yuh yuh just haffi try mek the best lemonade wid it and all give dem some fi drink and seh "a baaaaaaaaay"! Den yuh can call dem "wanga-gut"!

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