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September 5, 2013
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Ole wicked ex-wife!

Bless all Mixup linky-linky and mi Tambareen Fambily. An big up all a di mixup hothead dem ova mixupyaad.com. An, of course, mi cyaan lef out mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambareen Radio ova mixupyaad.com. Big up unu good-good self. Awright, mix-up time!

Mix-up bigup to di bredda up ya a Obama Lan weh survive a rahtid situation. Di man did have up him long time sweetheart an di two a dem graduate fram college an get married shortly afta. Di two a dem have a likkle son, an a gwaan buil life.

But wen him graduate, him neva waan work inna di field weh him get him degree. Instead, him did waan be a store salesman. Him wife neva like dat an a pree say him neva have nuh ambition. She den claim say she nuh love him anymore, an waan leave him. An jus like dat, di wife cut an lef him say she gaan look betta outa road.

Di bredda goh live wid him mada an staat buil back. Him rise fram salesman to assistant store man-ager, den store manager, den assistant district manager, den district manager, den assistant region manager, den region manager. Di man say wen him wife lef him, it did mash him up but dat afta him wife lef him, him career an him life tun up!! Him say success did jus a run him dung an a hug him soh. Him all get a new woman who was way more supportive and understanding and caring.

condom buss

But wen him ex-wife see how tings a gwaan fi him, she staat draw back fi him even though him did have a new woman. Di ex-wife nuh stop dash out har juju gi him until him give in an tek it. Wen him tek it, him foolishly goh mek she gi him di condom, an not surprisingly di condom go 'buss'.

Afta di condom buss, she tell him nuh fi worry cause she naa go get pregnant, an dat even if she pregnant she wouldn't have di pickney. But bout six weeks layta, she call him an say she miss har period an she feel certain say she pregnant, and nuttin naa stop har fram having di child!! (damn wretch!).

Wen him ex-wife belly get big him bruk di news to him woman. Him woman bawl an get very upset an depressed but eventually she forgive him an di two a dem stay togeda.

But afta dat, di ex-wife still determine say she a goh tek back di man fram him new woman. She always want him fi reach a har yaad fi sort out but him neva revisit har juju since di breedmentz. Him not only mek sure say him knock di ex-wife wid nuff juju-rejection, but him also propose to him woman an set date fi marry har.

Family, unu nuh know seh wen di ex-wife hear say him a goh married, har head tek har. Di ex-wife den find out di date a di wedding and ... unu ready fi dis? ... Lawd Jeezas ... di damn likkle wretch schedule di baby shower pon di same day di man (di father) a get married!! Hol on deh! .... it nuh done deh soh, den di likkle Satan-Concubine a goh tell di man say wen di wedding ceremony done him fi lef him new wife an goh di baby shower!! Unbelievable!!

Di ex-wife is damn wicked!! Mi feel she plan fi breed fi di man, an did know exactly wen she a ovulate and most likely fi get pregnant, an draw fi di man at dat time, an gi him a pin-condom weh did mus buss an cause har fi get pregnant. She a wicked!! A she cut Jeezas slippas!! An den she brite enuff bout di man fi lef him bride fi goh baby shower weh a she deliberately set di baby shower pon di same day as di wedding.

Mi fraid a da ex-wife deh. As much as mi love juju, if she eva a dash it pon mi a woulda run weh like tief cause all part a har condemn!! Ole wicked!

Anyways, mi a leggo di ends ya now. Link mi wid unu mix-up dem at ragashanti@mixupyaad.com.

Bless up unu stay good self. Cutmentz.

... afta him wife lef him, him career an him life tun up!! Him say success did jus a run him dung an a hug him soh. Him all get a new woman.

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