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September 28, 2013
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Court hears that ... Dad beats girl for son

Teen allegedly kicked, slapped for reportedly fighting child

A man who is accused of beating a teenage girl for his son was brought before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday to answer to assault charges.

Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm is Kevin Scholeo of a Kingston address.

According to reports, Scholeo hit the complainant all over her face and body with his hands, lifted her up, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to kick her all over her body while she laid there.

It is alleged that the complainant and the accused's son were engaged in a fight.

Scholeo, who pleaded guilty with explanation, told the court that he did not kick the complainant but slapped her.

"Mi neva use mi foot, mi jus hit her three times with mi hand. She was choking my 10-year-old son because they were playing cricket and he didn't want her to play with them. I told her to stop and she start curse indecent language at me and throw stones at me," the accused stated.

According to the complainant's mother, her daughter missed school due to the injuries she sustained from the beating at the hands of the accused.

"She missed a week of school because she now has constant headaches from when he kicked her in the head and has knee injuries as well," the visibly upset mother told the court.

The mother said when she went to the accused to find out why he hit her child, the accused allegedly told her, "Move from yah suh! Yuh can gwaan guh tell di police cause wall mek fi scale and fence mek fi jump!"

Scholeo was ordered by Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly-Williams to pay the complainant $2,500 to cover her medical expenses.

A fingerprint order was made, Scholeo is to return to court for sentencing on Oct 22.

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