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October 4, 2013
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Shebada airport video goes viral

Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

A video featuring actor/comedian Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey in a heated argument with a man at the Norman Manley International Airport has gone viral on the Internet, after it was posted on YouTube this week.

The drama unfolded at the check-in counter; Ramsey could be seen cursing an unknown man, much to the spectators' delight.

The argument reportedly began after the man began jeering the comedian about his sexuality.

"Me tek nuh client fram yuh? True me inna di airport, wah! True me inna di airport, wah! Yuh mouth ugly like! Mi wouldn't waa you smell my poop," the Bashment Granny star quipped.

The man, who was not visible in the 55-second clip, could be heard taunting the comedian, which earned him more of Ramsey's ire.

"Yuh outta order and ugly, unuh av problems wid unuh bottom, fi unuh bottom a clap like convention! Leave me alone! Outta order and brite!" a visibly upset Ramsey demanded.

"Gweh yah fish, yah fish" the man could be heard saying in the background.

This fuelled a fiery response, from Ramsey: "Yuh busy a call me fish and you and your girlfriend a bun weed and not even know which part yuh fren mouth a come from, if a affa me or offa he!"

Laughter erupted in the video among the onlookers.

Ramsey told THE WEEKEND STAR the incident occured more than a year ago. He said despite the heated exchange, he and the man resolved their differences.

"We were on the same flight heading to Miami, by the time we reach Miami we became the best of friends, and him all seh to me 'Yuh nuh easy enuh, you a real comedian!'"

The video titled 'Shebada Cursing in Airport,' has received more than 3,000 views.

A viewer's comment: "Yes, Shibby dun dem, caz some a dem too brite!!"

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