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November 25, 2013
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Lutan Fyah back from European tour

Lutan Fyah

Lutan Fyah has returned to Jamaica, following a successful tour in Europe.

The reggae superstar recently released his album Life of a King, that was well received locally and internationally.

Fyah landed in Switzerland on October 23, where he did his first show alongside Chezzidek, Junior Kelly and Mr Perfect to a crowd of more than 5,000 people. His performances, along with the other reggae acts, marked the first performance for that club.

He made appearances in France, Germany, Russia and Spain but was based mainly in Sweden which, he said, was like a second home for him. It was there he linked up with Ken Ring, who he did a collaboration with called Poverty. The video for this single was shot in Mombasa, Kenya. While in Sweden, he met up on longtime friend Norris Man, who he says is doing pretty well over there.

Lutan expressed how great it felt to be performing in front of these audiences since the feedback was so tremendous. He performed to a sold-out crowd in Barcelona, where he met some fans who were ecstatic about meeting him. "They said they have been listening to my music for years now and they were so happy to see me. Everybody wanted to hug me, it was like they couldn't get enough of me," he recalled.

The reggae superstar admitted that there were some cancellations, but he was able to get on some more shows to fill in the dates. He said: "I met this promoter who said she has been listening to my music for over 15 years and that it was my music that kept her alive for a year. She said she was on the brink of committing suicide, but it was the message in the lyrics that kept her from hurting herself."

Hearing this, the artiste said he was touched and was happy that his music could have help to save a life. The St Jago De La Vega artiste has already confirmed a hip hop tour for May, 2014 in Sweden.

"Im looking forward to this tour, because I want the fans to see me in a different light, nuff people wouldn't expect me to do a hip hop tour," he said.

Fans can look forward to Lutan's annual birthday bash in Sanguinetti, Clarendon, on December 7, 2013. Known names such as Sizzla, Ninja Man, Luciano, Aidonia, and many more artistes will be performing.

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