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December 2, 2013
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JDF launches interactive recruiting website


The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has launched a new interactive recruiting website created specifically to provide information on recruiting-related questions.

The website, www.jointhejdf.com, went live on October 18, following a 10-day countdown, and has been gaining a lot of traction.

Information on eligibility, career options, the application process and army life for both the regular and reserve forces are provided.

The defence force has also redesigned a Facebook page and has amassed 12,058 'likes'. Curious persons are now able to post questions surrounding their interest. Videos and pictures detailing training exercises and competitions are also available on the page.

As the traffic on the page increases, the JDF has welcomed input and suggestions. A post by the military reads, "When you're through, come back here to let us know what you think, so that we can continue to improve on the page. And remember, if you like what you see, be sure to share and like our page ".

Another post advised, "Visit us @ www.jointhejdf.com for all the answers to your most pressing questions about joining the JDF."

The JDF also acknowledged the plethora of questions posted daily and have formulated and provided responses to a number of frequently asked questions.

"We have received numerous comments and suggestions from you, about how to make the site as helpful and informative as possible. Some of your suggestions have been incorporated into the new site and some have been taken under consideration for possible future updates," the post read.

"We also received quite a number of questions related to recruiting in general... we want to clarify a few issues that some of you have raised," another post outlined.

Interested persons were also advised that if they had questions, to be sure to check out the FAQs page on the new website. "If that page still leaves you in the dark about some issue, you will also be able to submit your own questions, which may very well be added to the constantly growing list of questions on the page," it was further advised.

Jade Henry posted, "I am working hard in school to be a part of jdf,".

Jonahue Mckoy commented, "God bless JDF ".

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