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December 2, 2013
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Woman cursing customs video a hit

The Jamaica Customs Depart-ment is coming under fire after a YouTube video of a woman ranting about the department's exorbitant fees, went viral.

The more than five-minute long video, which was posted on the video-sharing site last week, has been spreading like wildfire across the various social networking sites and stirring the ire of viewers, many of who share similar experiences.

In the video, the woman stated that she ordered an array of beauty items at a cost of US$54 ($5,711) but when she went to collect the items, was told by custom officers that she will have to pay close to J$7,000 to receive the items.


The visibly irate woman said to add to her frustration, shortly after she was approached by a popular customs officer, who reprimanded her for not conducting a transaction with him in order to get her goods at a lower cost.

She argued that if discounts and back door deals can take place at customs on a regular basis, then there is no need for the department to be charging customers such exorbitant fees.

The woman further chastised customs workers and asked viewers to spread the video online and share their experiences.

Her request was appeased, so far the video has received more than 8,000 views on YouTube and hundreds of shares on Facebook with many viewers not only sympathising with the vexed woman, but also sharing their experiences.

"I had the same problem," a YouTube viewer stated, "I bought some hair online and they charged me more than what I pay for the hair online, this guy ask if I want him to do something for me. I said yes, he came back and said the lowest he can go is $5,000 plus $950 for handling because the normal rate is $16,000."

Another viewer stated: "This has been going on for years, I don't want no one telling me something else, anywhere you have some Jamaicans, once they see where they can 'hustle' best believe they gonna do it!"

While another responded: "I have the same problem, that's why I am afraid to buy things online! Damn shame!"

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