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December 4, 2013
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Coppershot secures first victory

( L - R ) Coppershot, Flava Unit

Coppershot tasted victory for the first time in the ongoing Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Face-Off competition hosted at Famous Nightclub recently.

The St Andrew based sound system defeated Flava Unit after being sent in first to play their stint in the juggling segment. The sound system played Chronixx's Warrior followed by Tarus Riley's Never Leave I.

"A Flava Unit Place, but wi nuh fraid a nuh body," Cutty said and pulled for Popcaan's Gangster City single. For this they received a good response.

He followed up on that selection with Duh Something by Konshens, which also had Club Famous in a frenzy. Coppershot also threw in some hip-hop songs like Ain't Worried About Nothing and Bugatti by Acehood, to conclude their juggling round on a high note.

The Portmore-based Flava Unit responded with Busy Signal's Jamaica Love and, Sizzla Kalonji's Give Me A Try. By this point, the sound which has a huge following had vuvuzelas echoing through the venue.

"All who nuh fraid a nuh bwoy nor nuh gyal," Badda Bling said and went to play Real Stinga by Black Ryno for which he received a strong response going into Mavado's Weed and Hennessy, then concluded strongly with Aidonia's Run Road.

Following their energy filled set, the judges declared that Flava Unit was the winner of the round. Flava Unit also received an extra point for crowd response.

In the challenge round, where the sound systems were expected to play only songs from rastafarian artistes, Coppershot played Bob Marley's Crazy Baldhead, Holding Firm by Sizzla Kalonji and Fire Pon A Weak Heart by Bushman.

"Mi nuh haffi gwaan wid a bag a antics fi get crowd response," Cutty said while he made way for Flava Unit.

They responded with I Wayne's Book Of Life, Slew Dem by Capleton and No Way by Sizzla Kalonji.

At the end of the round the judges again awarded Flava Unit an extra point for crowd response.

stronger songs

However in a twist of things, the round was given to Coppershot, who the judges said played stronger songs in their segment.

Next was the 45 round and Coppershot now seeing the prospects of a victory against the Portmore based sound system, decided to go full war mode via songs like Bushman's Call Di Hearse, Dead This Time by Bounty Killer as well as Dem A Nuh Gangster and Peanut Shell by Vybz Kartel.

The set was strong and some patrons quickly switched their support to team Coppershot.

Flava Unit's Badda Bling was determined to stay unbeaten in his home town. "Mi a guh show yu sey dem cyah kill mi inna my place," he shouted to his vuvuzela blowing fans then went on to play songs from Vybz Kartel and Mavado.

lost concentration

Atthe end of the round, the judges said Badda Bling allowed the judges to get to him and lost concentration during the clash. They then gave the round to Coppershot, stating that they seemed to want it more.

The deciding dub-for-dub round, saw Coppershot adding more salt to Flava Unit's already wounded chance of winning, courtesy of a controversial Twin of Twins intro which received roars of approval from the audience.

Coppershot then played the dub version of Macka Diamond's Dye Dye, which again had the audience erupting in laughter. Especially when Macka Diamond sang. "Badda Bling climb pon Tall Man shoulder".

A seemingly musically wounded Badda Bling responded with Romain Virgo's dub for Cyah Sleep. ÒCutty nuh have nuh pickney," he said jabbing at Coppershot's mic man. However the dub itself didn't create a huge impact.

Coppershot responded with Vybz Kartel's Broad Daylight dubplate and received a strong response. Unlike Flava Unit who responded with I Octane's Gyal A Gimme Bun dub version, and were rewarded with boos from the audience.

Coppershot responded with Aidonia's So Sick featuring Suhverto and received their share of boos. Flava Unit then played a Munga Honorable dub from his original of Bad from Mi Born. The audience seemed to appreciate that dub but Coppershot made a strong comeback with Tarrus Riley's One Drop dub.

The rest of the dub-for-dub round was basically a ding dong battle, as both sound systems fought valiantly for the remaining points. However only one sound system could leave Famous Night Club as a winner, and according to the judges, it was the underdogs Coppershot.

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