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December 6, 2013
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Romain Virgo for GT Extravaganza - Artiste says he is looking forward to performing

Romain Virgo - File

The 14th annual staging of Boom Energy Drink/GT Taylor's Christmas Reggae Extravaganza is set to be one of the most exciting events in Jamaica for the Christmas holiday season.

Reggae singer Romain Virgo, who will be performing on the event for the fourth time in his career, is eagerly anticipating show night.

"I always look forward to GT's show, it's one of the shows that has really stood out over the years. I look forward to it every year, not only to perform on the show, but I also like to watch the performance of other artistes on the show. It's one of the shows that has been growing over the years and I'm happy to be part of this growth," said the artiste.

major show

Virgo is also excited about the fact that this year he will be performing at Boom Energy Drink GT Taylor's Christmas Reggae Extravaganza with his own band.

"This time around, I will be working with my band, it will be the first time that I will get to perform on a major show at home with my own band. Its good that GT is willing to set up things to allow me to work with my band. This will help me to be more comfortable onstage. I plan to go out there and sing from my heart. I plan to give the people 150 per cent when I touch the stage on Christmas night."

The name of Romain Virgo's band is The Unit, and according to the artiste, "We call the band 'The Unit' because we work as a team. There is a oneness about how we work together, the unity is very strong. When I perform with them it's not about Romain Virgo performing with a back-up band, it's about all of us working together to give the people a good performance everytime," said Virgo.

wonderful show

According to the former 'Rising Stars' talent show winner, he wants to encourage the public to give Boom Energy Drink/GT Taylor's Christmas Reggae Extravaganza full support.

"I want to encourage all the people to come out and support the show 150 per cent. I want the patrons to watch the whole show and support all the artistes on the line-up, and I am going to give them a wonderful show. I am going to spend more time onstage this year. Boom Energy Drink/GT Taylor's Christmas Reggae Extravaganza will be a great event."

Romain Virgo recently released a music video for his single called Beautiful.

He is also promoting two new singles - a cover of Michael Bolton's classic, Soul Provider, that was produced by Silly Walks Discotheque on the Brighter Days rhythm. The other is a track called, Baby Mother, on the Vikings Production imprint.

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