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December 7, 2013
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Shabba Ranks featured on A$AP Ferg's remix


American rapper A$AP Ferg scored his biggest career hit, with the single Shabba, which is a club banger that pays homage to legendary two-time Grammy Award-winning dancehall artiste Shabba Ranks.

The song was released on July 16, 2013 as the second single from the album Trap Lord, Ferg's debut studio album. The single was named the third-best rap song released in 2013, by Complex Magazine.

The remix features American Rapper Busta Rhymes and one of Atlanta's most popular contemporary rap group Migos, known for the single Versace, as well as a verse by the icon himself Shabba Ranks.

The remix of Shabba starts off with a rousing introduction courtesy of the song's namesake, Shabba Ranks who sings,

Always the best A$AP fly the flag

Say my name little louder holla out mi name mek a rip up dah crowd yah

Say it three times a me unno proud of

Call out mi name bawl out mi name

Nah stop till it reach Hall of Fame

Everybody and Shabba nuh di same

Every time mi spit mi spit flame

Shabba continues,

A mi dem in need a,

true crowd pleaser,

tun non-believer, inna believer.

Come crowd a people follow the procedure,

mi nuh Rakim but follow the leader

from Jamaica right back to Geneva

Shabba Rankin a true crowd pleaser.

According to A$AP Ferg, he decided to pay homage to Shabba in his song because Shabba is a legend and deserves more credit for his work.

"I am very excited because Shabba is a legend and a lot of that dancehall stuff and Jamaican music came from him. I feel like he doesn't get a lot of credit which is part of the reason why I decided to do this song. It's sorta like bringing a pop icon back and giving him the props that he deserves am gonna call him A$AP Shabba for now," the rapper said via his YouTube VEVO channel.

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