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December 9, 2013
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Court hears that ... Girl stabs stalking ex-lover

A teenager who was brought before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court to answer to unlawful wounding charges had her case dismissed on Friday.

It is alleged that on Tuesday, November 19, the 15-year-old accused had an altercation with the 19-year-old complainant, when she used a scissors to inflict a wound to his back.

According to the accused, she stabbed the complainant in self-defence, "I've been telling him to leave me alone, I did it in self-defence."

The accused told the court that they were in a relationship briefly, but since they broke up he has been stalking her.

"We were together in October for two weeks, he was bringing sex argument to me and I broke it off the same night and every time he sees me, he keeps pulling me," she said.

She also told the court that on the day of the incident, she received a text from the complainant and armed herself with the scissors by placing it in her pocket.

The complainant told the court however, "I was trying to calm her down and talk to her but mi hold her and she stab mi up!"

The accused girl's mother told the court her daughter has complained to her about the complainant, "she made complaints to me that he has been stalking her and pulling her whenever him see har, he's also been threatening us!"

The complainant was warned by RM Pusey, to stay away from the accused, a 'no order' was made, and the teen's case dismissed.

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