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December 9, 2013
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Police warns business community

The police are advising members of the business community to adopt safe practices during the holiday season and have issued tips that may be helpful for transporting large sums of cash:

Avoid taking large sums of money to/from the bank, either by walking or driving.

Do not direct your employee (s) to travel with large sums of money to/from the bank

Employ a reputable security courier service to handle your lodgements at financial institutions.

Employ a security service provider/company or seek the assistance of the police to escort you to and from the financial institutions with your lodgements/withdrawals.

If you have to conduct the lodgement/withdrawal yourself vary the day, time and route. Do not stick to a routine.

Avoid known trouble spots and routes.

If you are using a car park, as best as possible select an area which provides flexibility and a clear view when leaving and entering your vehicle.

Always be conscious of your environment and do not be distracted by cell-phone conversations en route to/from a financial institution.

On your way to and/or from a financial institution be mindful of persons trying to engage you in conversation.

Be mindful of persons soliciting a drive or asking for directions especially persons pretending to know you or known to someone you might be acquainted with.

The police are also appealing to members of the public and the business community to be extremely vigilant during the festive season and should not hesitate to contact them at 119, 811 or the nearest police station to report any crime.

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