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December 11, 2013
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Twin of Twins, Muta at odds? - Talk-show host disagrees with content for 'Up Wid Di Money'
Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer

Twin of Twins - Contributed


Dancehall artistes Twin of Twins have changed the concept of their popular dancehall social commentary single Up Wid Di Money, in which they pretend to be robbers who prey on other artistes in order to alleviate the pain of poverty.

According to Patrick Gaynor of the duo, Mutabaruka's disparaging comments about the song during his talk show have shed a negative light on the song.

"Mutabaruka called for a ban to be placed on the song because a caller said he did not like it. But instead of listening to the song, which Muta did not hear before, he started to make disparaging comments about the song and the worse type of disparaging comments are the ones based on ignorance," Gaynor said.

During the controversial 'Cutting Edge' talk show, Mutabaruka admitted that he had not heard the song before.

However, he still said he wasn't supportive of the lyrics, based on what he was told by two callers to the show.

"If me is a programme manager for a radio station, mi nah play it, and if me is Broadcasting Commission and me hear that song a play pon radio, mi a draw dem up. Mi nuh inna dat ... Twin of Twins, mi and unno a brethren but unno duh betta dan dat. Nuh badda come tell mi bout nuh artistic expression. Wi don't live in a society right now where we can sing frivolous things and seh it's art ... . We can't be frivolous in this time," Mutabaruka said during the show.

Twin of Twins says the song was pulled from at least one radio station for review as a result of Mutabaruka's comments. The duo was already executing a promotional campaign in support of the song, which is currently one of the most played in dancehall, and had to make amends to their campaign by recording and releasing a new version of the song called Up Wid Di Money Remix, using the same toasting pattern, but with a spin.

"We made sure to go back to the drawing board and we came up with a remix which now exposes a different subject that is also faced by poor people, and the standard of the song is not watered down," Gaynor said.

The duo also revealed that the new Up Wid Di Money remix has been getting favourable feedback from the fans and radio stations.

According to Twin of Twins, the original Up Wid Di Money was based on their Stir It Up Vol. 10 series and was making reference to fictitious characters.

The artistes claim that the original message of the song was to expose the inner thoughts of some youths struck by poverty with no positive role models.

The duo also said Up Wid Di Money is merely serious social commentary with a touch of humour, and was written without malice.

"We are very disappointed in Mutabaruka because is someone who wi look up to for years. We are disappointed in how the situation was handled, and we are wondering if there is an underlying motive for his actions. We are not angry, but disappointed," Gaynor said.

Twin of Twins recently released the accompanying music video for Up Wid Di Money, produced by Swat Productions and Mad Vert Media. The video has received rave reviews online with more than 12,000 views in the first 24 hours it was released on YouTube.com.

To view the video, persons can search for twinoftwinstv on YouTube.com. The video features I-Octane, who was also mentioned in the song, as well as Ninja Man and other aspiring actors.

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