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December 11, 2013
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Abrupt end to Trooper, Flava Unit
Mel Cooke, Star Writer

Patrons dancing up a storm.

With just a few dub plates to go in the final round of what was turning out to be a finely balanced contest, last Thursday's encounter between Sound Trooper and Flava at Famous Nightclub, Portmore, St Catherine, came to an infamous end. In the end, Flava Unit was declared winner following Trooper's use of indecent language onstage.

After Flava Unit took the first two rounds and Trooper rallied to nab the third in the Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Face Off! It was contentious from the starting coin toss to Trooper losing his temper and exiting the stage after his Bob Andy/Marcia Griffiths dub plate was interrupted at a critical point, the dub-for-dub round was all-important.

Flava Unit went first, going uptempo with a dub of Dye Dye. In his reply, Trooper was caustic in commenting on the opposing sound's name. "Flava is sugar water, syrup - tasty. Flava is tasty. Mi nah taste nutten, mi a bad man," Trooper said. He drew Anthony Red Rose's Tempo dub plate style and Famous loved it.

close stare-down

Badda Bling asked, "A how tasting an dem suppen deh drop inna de war?" before a Bounty Killer dub dedicated to Trooper. In replying, Trooper said he would not dis Bounty, going for Cham deejaying, "When we a kill Flava Unit we no dweet an say sorry." Again the dub plate scored.

Flava Unit's Badda Bling warned that he was not pushing any violence, but "next time Ricky Trooper walk up, yu know how it go", referring to an upclose stare- down' which Trooper had delivered shortly before. Bling went for a dub of Sizzla's Big Long Gun.

previous selections

When Trooper came back up he was agitated, declaring his Spanish Town roots and political affiliation, at the official organisational and street level. "Me a go play a exclusive inna dis," Trooper said, dropping a dub of Freddie McGregor's Big Ship, saying "Trooper kill Flava Unit in Club Famous". However, it did not have the impact of Trooper's previous selections in the round.

Referring to an incident at a particular studio, Bling mused that "badness no fight inna one day" before dropping his selection.

And then came the critical moment. Trooper said respects to the Flava Unit supporters (who had heckled him all night, Trooper at points leaning against the console and waiting out the boos, then giving as good as he got in insulting them), but said what they were doing would not help. "Big song dem a sting like wasp! Come een like lion whe run out an tear troat," Trooper said.

Announcing that he was going to play Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths, Trooper started the song, which did not have a strong impact. Trooper built up the anticipation for Marcia Griffiths, but as she started to sing the sound was cut off.

Trooper was livid. "Why? Why yu stop de song?" he demanded. From there the situation escalated into expletives, Famous security personnel quickly on stage and Trooper leaving the performance area, Nuffy's entreaties insufficient to have him calm down.

One judge opined that Trooper had pulled off a strategy, as "him say wait until Marcia Griffiths come eeen.


She come in an him no get no forward, me as a judge woulda disqualify Ricky Trooper. Wha kind a behaviour dat? Mi see him do dat already. A badness him a bring inna dis".

When calm was restored Flava Unit delivered their dub, Trooper still not in the place to reply. "Ricky Trooper, yu say a money yu pay fi song. Free tune! Free tune!" Bling said, dropping a KipRich dub urging that Trooper be "cut off".

Nuffy pointed out the obvious. "As you can see, Trooper is not here to play back his last song". Judge Cool Face also had a word about Trooper, saying "really and truly him shoulda conduct himself better. The expletives never call forÉ. The clash was very close. This round was going to be the deciding round."

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