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December 12, 2013
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'Somebody a go dead in the name of The Lord' - Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Up with the dubplate or go dung inna hole is the message gospel artiste Prodigal Son is sending to fellow gospel artiste Omari for the Celebrity Face-Off set to take place tonight at the Famous Nightclub in Portmore.

"Mi know how sound clash go. Every week somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. Mi a go with the intention fi win. It's really going to be a nice vibe tonight. Omari a mi bredrin, a mi good friend, but somebody a go dead in the name of The Lord," Prodigal Son told THE STAR.

Questioned about his outfit of choice, Prodigal would not specify his outfit of choice.

"Mi nuh know if unuh a go back go tell Omari mi plans," he said jokingly. He then continued "Mi a warrior, so we nah too tell the people dem none a wi strategy. Mi nah too tell unuh nutten," he said.

But, while he refuses to divulge any information, he was quick to point out that preparations for tonight are in high gear. The artiste also visited the venue on the night that politicians Darryl Vaz and Damion Crawford went up against each other.

"Mi a born warrior, mi nuh necessarily haffi prepare fi war because my life is a war. Mi born ready. Mi nah tell unuh no more, unuh and Omari a friend too."

He also had a strong message to send to Omari for tonight.

"Mi know Omari a nuh easy walk over. Mi know Omari carry pillow inna him car back and sleep a studio door fi dubplate. Is a yute whey in the streets an mi respect him. But tell Omari say we a bredrin yesterday and we will be bredrins tomorrow, but as of today - up wid di dubplate or go dung inna hole."

Omari issues stern warning...ahead of tonight's clash against Prodigal


Gospel artiste Omari says he has done his investigation and background research to adequately prepare to face off against Prodigal in the Magnum All Star Celebrity Clash tonight.

"Mi just a pray fi a flawless victory. Mi know Prodigal a go come well prepared, but mi a come full force fi this challenge. Mi do mi research and mi get mi dubs," Omari stated.

Though he has not quite decided on his outfit of choice, Omari says he will be in a militant mood which may be reflected in the final outfit of choice.

"Mi know wha a play inna the heart a dancehall. I know what is relevant and mi have mi dubs dem lock. It all boils down to preparation. It's not about a bagga song. It's about effectively getting them across," he said.

Omari also cautioned Prodigal to come prepared for the face-off.

"Mi a work pon mi argument and how me a go intro each song cuz dat vital. So tell Prodigal say it's show time. Mi know him a prepare because him nuh like lose. I am expecting a flawless victory. Mi have mi arsenal ready fi run out tomorrow," Omari told THE STAR.


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