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December 13, 2013
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KipRich ready to defend crown at Sting

KipRich (left) holds his new title belt high, after receiving the honour from Ninja Man (right), while MC Nuffy handles the proceedings. - File

Dancehall artiste KipRich says he is prepared for any challenger at this year's staging of Sting.

According to the reigning 'Clash King', several recording artistes are taking lyrical shots at him in an attempt to start a feud leading up to the show, however, he has no fear.

"I hear talking in the street bout Cobra. But, I would challenge anybody because wi nuh walk wid fear, because a di people dem wi a work fah. Nuh fear nuh inna wi, from him sey him ready and him wah deal wid it, den wi just haffi duh it for the people," KipRich said.

The deejay also said he would clash a rapper if put to the test.

"Mi hear dem did a sey a little thing bout Busta Rhymes. But if dem even want di clash with a rapper, mi wudda still ready fi di challenge, because that would be something new, so the results would definitely be interesting," the Clash King said.

lyrically buried

The artiste who has lyrically buried the likes of Tony Matterhorn, Merciless and Monster Shock Crew says the US$30,000 cash prize which is up for grabs on December 30 is definitely pulling several contenders to the musical battlefield.

"Everybody wants it. So they are coming hard, but dem have to get past me first to collect that. The last time I heard at least seven different artistes want to go up against me," KipRich said.

The artiste says his fans can expect his usual energetic performance with a slew of new lyrical material. He also says despite the fact that he will be defending his crown if a challenger presents himself, he is committed to maintaining good character and professionalism during his set, because the event will be exposed to millions of viewers via pay-per-view.

"I want the fans to know that they will get a good show. Sting is going on pay-per-view, so we are representing Jamaican music on the world stage and will do our best to put dancehall on a high," KipRich said.

Fact sheet

In celebration of Sting's 30th anniversary, The STAR, the People's Paper, will be bringing our valued readers some Sting facts each day. Here is today's Sting fact:

In 2006 Buju Banton's Driver pulled a large crowd. People ran into the venue leaving their car doors open and car lights on to catch his early entrance at Sting.


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Among the prizes are ESPN T-shirts and caps, Flow wireless mouse and metal-based bottles and other great accessories.

Here is this week's question:

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To participate, call 932-6249 between 5 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. with the correct answer.

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