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December 13, 2013
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Feuding police couple scares residents

A rebellious common-law couple, who are both police officers, and whose relationship differences have often spilled beyond their front doors on to the street of their St Andrew neighbourhood, have neighbours fearful.

Disturbances caused by the law enforcement couple have become worrisome to the point where residents have taken it up on themselves to contact the area police whenever loud and boisterous arguments are heard coming from the home, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

But, responding police personnel are reluctant to intervene once they are told of the fuming couple's profession, residents said.

A neighbour said, "A nuff time we haffi call the police, if dem know say a police couple dem nah come. Dem nuh born and grow here, enuh, a move dem move come here bout three years now. From di day dem move in until as recent as Sunday gone dem a war. And fi dem war nuh normal because a two gun inna di household and they are both very aggressive."

Residents say arguments between the two can get extremely physical and that on more than one occasion their government issued firearms have been brought into play.

"Can you imagine if one of these days they shoot at each other and seriously hurt one another or worse case scenario, a stray shot catch someone?" asked a resident who knows the couple well. "I have children living around here and I am very scared for myself and family."

In the couple's latest melee last weekend, both officers were on the street cursing, in full view of neighbours and passers-by. Some residents braved the embarrassment and beckoned them to desist, however, their plights fell on deaf ears.

A concerned resident told our news team: "I'm bringing this to the attention of the media because I am not sure how to proceed because we report them but they still having issues and we don't want to wait until something tragic happens and create a dark cloud over our community!"

The Area-Five police said there were no reports of the police couple's disturbance.

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