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December 14, 2013
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Promises lyrical death of both deejays

LA Lewis

Still reeling from his defeat at the Magnum All Star celebrity face-off against Tanto Blacks last week, LA Lewis says he is now ready to lyrically take on Bounty Killer and Mad Cobra.

The artiste issued an ultimatum to the 'Grung Gaad' Bounty Killer earlier this week, stating that he had 88 hours to apologise for the dub he had given to Tanto Blacks.

Now that the 88 hours have expired, LA Lewis says that he cannot be held responsible for the lyrical onslaught he is about to unleash on Bounty Killer.

"Jamaica caan hold me responsible fi anything whe a go happen lyrically. Mi all a try call Ennis, (Bounty's bodyguard) and him a reject mi call dem. It look like Ennis pick side wid Killa suh make him know say him a go lyrically dead too," LA Lewis told THE STAR.

weak fence

He continued that Bounty took him for a 'weak fence'.

"A me Killa have strength fah? Look how long Kartel a diss him up and him caan defend it. A me him tek fi weak fence? Tell Killa fi understand himself," he said.

LA Lewis also threatened to lyrically demolish Cobra at this year's upcoming Sting.

"Tell Laing say fi send out ... Cobra fi come clash me. Cobra a tell lie say him beat me up and den a hide inna him mother dress and wig from me. Laing need fi give Cobra the money fi him clash me. Mi will even make up the money fi give Cobra fi do clash," Lewis said.

According to LA Lewis, he has released three dis songs aimed at Cobra all of which have gone unanswered.

"If Cobra nuh defend himself then di whole Jamaica fi know say him a nuh bad man. Him haffi go perform him ole tune dem an come off a di stage."

He also left some scathing remarks for Bounty Killer. "Tell Killa say mi have police a work wid me and mi have the Queen a represent me. Mek him know say as of today, mi a go wear a piece a black inna every outfi mi wear. Killa know wha dat mean."

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