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December 17, 2013
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The real Dutty Berry - The man behind the hit Tessanne's review videos
Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

There is more than what meets the eyes when it comes to Jamaican Internet sensation Russhaine Jonoy Berry, popularly known as 'Dutty Berry'.

The 24-year-old came to fame following the release of his comical commentary videos of Tessanne Chin's performances on the US-based talent show The Voice.

Berry, who hails from Washington Boulevard, St Andrew, is a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, with a degree in Language and Communications and is a past student of the Excelsior High School and Meadowbrook High School, where he attended sixth form.

Berry shared with THE STAR how he came to be known as Dutty Berry. "It all started from a bag, when I was in high school. I didn't have a Jansport bag and my mom gave me a work bag that she had. I didn't like it so I used to have it on the ground all over the place and everybody used to laugh at it, it was very dirty," he explained.

The unconventional comedian told THE STAR that he has always had a passion for drama, but was shy and stated that his venture into vloging in 2009 was completely accidental.

"It all started by accident. I was a nerd, a science kid, I wanted to be in drama, but was shy, only my friends saw the dutty berry. I came from a party one night, tipsy and uploaded a video on Facebook and stated that I wanted to start my own show and the viewers encouraged me and I continued from there," he said.

Berry, who has been producing YouTube skits for almost four years, told THE STAR that he was shocked at the rate his fan base increased, after he started producing the Tessanne videos.

"It's so weird, I've been doing it for a while now and just started getting attention, my fan base has grown since the Tess videos. I've gained over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube very quickly in a short space of time," Berry shared.

He also stated that his life has changed since his new-found popularity, "Mi affi dress up and gah road now, can't wear mi yard clothes again, haffi put on my Sunday best."

His family, he said, had been clueless about his videos until his Tessanne videos gained popularity.

"They had no idea about what I was doing until this year. I used to wait until they're not home to make the videos. The Tess videos brought it to their attention," he said.

A jovial Berry told THE STAR, that he has ambitions of having his own television show in the future; "I'm very dynamic, I want to have something that's a mix of Ity and Fancy Cat Show and ER or to at least produce something."

Prior to his current success, Berry had a period he had stopped producing videos due to financial and personal issues ..."I had stopped recording for a year due to poor camera quality and things started to get very bad in the summer, I wasn't working and had sent out over 100 resumes and was unsuccessful. "

However, now he has acquired something positive out of what he describes as 'randomness.'

"Because of 'The Dutty Berry Show' I got a job as a content developer without even applying for it, so I've gotten something positive out of my randomness," he said.

To his fans, he says "thank you and keep on supporting", and to those who are struggling to pursue their dreams, he said; "When you are passionate about something even if you don't know the path, once you have a dream stick to it and find ways to carry it out."

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