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December 17, 2013
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Merry draw for Trooper, Coppershot
Mel Cooke, STAR Writer

Magnum All-Star Clash held at the Famous Nightclub in Portmore last Thursday. - Anthony Minott

Sound Trooper and Coppershot battled to a satisfactory draw for all involved last Thursday in the first of two main clashes in the Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Face Off.

For, as Ricky Trooper pointed out, neither of them could win the league format sound system battle anyway - that was to be decided later when Flava Unit and Redd Heat squared off. However, playing strictly for fun, Sound Trooper and Coppershot still put on a very good show. Maybe not having much to lose contributed to a more relaxed atmosphere, Trooper apologising for his on-stage outburst the week before.

Going second in the opening juggling round, Trooper had fun, smiling, dancing and dropping tunes on the way to taking the opening round convincingly, scoring three points on all three judges' scorecards, Coppershot taking two points for two judges and one and a half for the third.

And Trooper went on to take all the rounds up to the climatic dub-for-dub, when Coppershot stormed back to draw level, the face-off ending with both contestants on 44.5 points. However, what was striking about Trooper was not only his winning the rounds, but how the command with which he spoke in introducing the songs, especially in the second (Challenge) and third (45) rounds.

Sting concert

The sound systems were asked to play three songs from three artistes booked for this year's Sting concert. Going first, Coppershot played Ninja Man's Murder Dem, Super Cat's Ghetto Red Hot and Sizzla's No Time to Gaze. Ricky Trooper was caustic as he replied.

"Yu see Cutty (Coppershot's selector), dem no really know da suppen ya. Dis a one a de wicked deejay whe mash up dis. Him deejay pon Jaro, Stereomars," Trooper said, going on to credit producers Steelie and Clevie before the rhythm dropped and Burru Banton chanted "hey hey" to the audience's delight.

"Cutty, yu a likkle bway. Yu a uptown sound. A Kilamanjaro mi used to play, bad man sound," Trooper said. "I gwine teach yu again. "Early '90s, Ninja Man a run de place, Shabba a run de place, one ugly deejay come bout ya," he said in introducing Major Mackerel's Pretty Looks Done. Again Famous went into a frenzy.

He went into his personal history for the last selection of the round, saying that when he was in New York some time ago, a certain deejay advised him to go home in order to get his break. It was more than advice - it was an order, as the entertainer said "Trooper, yu can go home two way, a plane seat or a box. Mi say deejay, mi wi tek de plane seat."

And with that he played Suuper Cat's Don Dada.


Trooper's 'teachings' continued in the 45 round, but he did not have it all his way. In the dub-for-dub, Coppershot opened with a Sean Paul dub, custom-built for Trooper, to be off to a good start. Trooper paid his respects to Sean Paul, but said he had swallowed Super Cat and Junior Cat's voices, before delivering his response. Coppershot had a Ninja dub in its arsenal and Trooper asked Mackerel to respond on record.

That proved to be the turning point, as Coppershot replied with a stringer Major Mackerel, asking "whe yu head a do unda deh?" Still, Trooper had a response. "Mi a bad man. Mi no eat dem suppen deh. Cutty a uptown yu come from. A uptown people originate eating," Trooper said, to laughter.

And so they went, back and forth throughout the dub for dub, ending up finally in a draw which they both seemed satisfied with. "I am very happy," Trooper told the judges. "I can't win and Cutty can't win. We draw tonight, we even. Thank you, judges."

Magnum All-Star Clash held at the Famous Nightclub in Portmore last Thursday. - Anthony Minott

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