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December 17, 2013
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Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

The St Catherine South police yesterday found a baby in bushes during a daring gun battle with men in Windsor Heights, Central Village.

It reported that about 3:40 p.m., a police party was on operation at an area known as Macka Tree. The team came up on a group of armed men in a military looking tent.

A shoot-out ensued and the men ran leaving a loaded 9mm pistol. Members of the party reportedly pursued the men further and came upon a similar camp, where the men eluded them and left another handgun.

During a search, military uniforms, binoculars, cellular phones, medicine and a number of 9mm rounds were located. During the search, the police reportedly heard strange sounds in bushes and checks revealed a one-year-old babygirl.

"We have taken her to get professional care while we conduct further investigations. We are going to continue to pursue the criminals in areas, with a view of bringing them to justice," Superintendent Clive Blair said.

The Star was told that 69 guns have been seized in the St Catherine South Police Division since the start of the year, two less than the corresponding period last year.

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