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December 18, 2013
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Benji Hype delivers the goods at Famous Nightclub

Benji Hype

US-based artiste, Benji Hype, has been on a major promotional push in Jamaica since last week. He scorched a packed Famous nightclub during Mavado's Birthday Bash when he appeared alongside Laden to perform their breakthrough hit, 'Google Bad Mind'.

"When Laden say 'weh mi friend de?' and mi walk out, mi feel so great, is almost like mi get nervous, but once mi start sing, mi confidence rise because the people know the song, and dem love the energy, the whole Famous club ah sing the song. Di ting buck," he said.

Google Bad Mind, which is on the Eva Bless Records imprint, has consistently been a force in dancehalls and is a staple on the top 10 of the FiWi Choice Top Ten and other dancehall charts, making it the first major hit for the rookie deejay.

a great feeling

"Mi feel blessed that one of the first songs mi do shot so hard, and mek people ah recognise me. It is a great feeling to do what you love and I was born to do music, ah it choose me," he said.

Benji Hype is fast earning a reputation because of his unusual flow, tight rhymes, and energetic stage performances. He performed in Los Angeles in late November alongside Kiprich. He will be performing alongside Kiprich at Ghetto Splash this week as well.

"Mi and Kiprich have a one-drop song called Nah Come Back Home, and mi ah go shell the place with Google Bad Mind," he said.

In the meantime, Benji Hype will be promoting his new singles, Rave Everyday, featuring Laden, and Man Dark for producer Supa Hype.

"We drop the Rave Everyday inna Uptown Mondays this week, and Supa Hype himself play the Man Dark pon his rhythm over Mojito Mondays, and it get a good response. The January looks good for these songs," Benji Hype said.

In the meantime, Google Bad Mind continues to bomb the airwaves into submission. The single was released in October and took just a few weeks to dominate FM radio, getting regular spins on HITZ, ZIP and IRIE FM.

"Ah one of the biggest songs in dancehall today, every taxi man inna Mandeville and Junction ah play it, it ah lead out several mix tapes, ah one of the hottest song for the Christmas," he said.

Benji Hype has been recording a number of other singles such as Man Dark on the Hashtag rhythm for 007 Records, Sting Christmas featuring Mr Khool for Whatage Music, and It's Time, featuring Ginjah for BH Records.

You can follow Benji Hype on Twitter @benjihype, or contact him for bookings at 874-3900.

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