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December 19, 2013
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$1,000,000 win by two points - Redd Heat defeats Flava Unit to take title
Mel Cooke, Star Writer

Magnum All-Star Clash held at the Famous Nightclub, in Portmore on Thursday, December 12, 2013. - Anthony Minott photos

After several rounds in the Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Face Off, it took a two-point victory by Redd Heat over Coppershot to settle the title in this initial staging of the sound system competition.

They took to the podium at Famous nightclub, Portmore, St Catherine, last Thursday, knowing that it was a deciding match-up. With Flava Unit on six points to the undefeated Redd Heat's nine, it would have taken a victory by Flava Unit to force a play-off with Redd Heat this Thursday.

But, although it was close, it was not to be. Still, Redd Heat had some anxious moments as Cool Face announced the outcome, based on the scorecards of himself, DJ Kurt Riley, and Ian Container Boss. Up to the dub-for-dub round, Redd Heat had had a near-perfect showing, starting with scoring three points on all scorecards in the opening juggling round, plus the point for crowd support. They also took the point for crowd response in beating Flava Unit in the Challenge Round, where each sound system was required to play three songs on the Punaany or SlengTeng rhythms.

Again, Redd Heat was on top in the 45 Round, taking three and a half points on two judges' scorecards and four on another, to scores of two and a half, three and three for Flava Unit. In addition, Redd Heat took the point for crowd response.

However, with Badda Bling at the front, Flava Unit put up such a strong showing in the crucial dub-for-dub round that, when the results were being announced, it was anybody's guess which sound system was the winner. At one point it was Flava Unit's selectors who were jumping with glee as Cool Face worked up to the final outcome.

"Flava Unit, you make a comeback," Cool Face said, pointing out also that the dub for dub was Redd Heat's weakest round. Container Boss scored it Flava Unit seven to Redd Heat five and a half. Kurt Riley awarded Flava Unit eight points to Redd Heat's six and a half. Cool Face saw it Flava Unit eight and Redd Heat five. In addition, Flava Unit took the point for crowd response.

Cool Face announced, the two-point difference and Flava Unit's score of 47, then asked the crowd if Redd Heat was on 45 or 49. There was a mixed response, then Cool Face settled the matter.

It was Redd Heat 49 and the sound system from St Elizabeth was $1,000,000 richer.

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