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December 19, 2013
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Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

Jamaica's latest dance move dubbed 'walk like a dog then c... up and p...' has gone viral on YouTube leaving many viewers upset.

The video which has over 8,500 views, forced several persons to post comments expressing their disappointment about the dance move and the name that it has been given.

Two videos were posted about the dance last week, showcasing a female dancer who goes by the name TC.

In both video clips, which were seemingly captured at a party, the female dancer is seen gyrating her body, before going on 'all fours', and posing like a dog lifting its leg to urinate.

black people

A YouTube user commented under the video, "Dancehall has gone to the dogs."

Another posted, "Jamaica dancehall stop! unno look like eeeeediot. Really gyal, go read a damn book and better your life. Walk like a dog and c... up and p.... Really, that is what you a promote."

Meanwhile, Marcus B wrote, "This is why most people are talking ... about our country. What is really going on with black people,"he said.

In recent times, the entertainment scene has seen several dance moves with weird names. In October, one such dance move called the donkey kick made its debut. The move involves a woman gyrating and then kicking.

The donkey kick is at times combined with another dance called the 'muscle wine'.

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