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December 19, 2013
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JPS system losses trending down

JPS is reporting that system losses for the last four months have been trending down. System losses are an international industry-wide phenomenon, which sees electric utilities losing some of the power generated, over the transmission and distribution system.

These losses can be classified as technical and non-technical. Technical losses are due mainly to heat dissipation in the power lines that result from the transmission and distribution of electricity across the system, while non-technical losses are due primarily to electricity theft.

Overall system losses for JPS, last month, stood at 25.94 per cent, a 0.43 per cent reduction on the 26.37 per cent recorded for October. This represents the fourth consecutive decline in monthly system losses, since the 27.01 per cent peak experienced in June and July of this year.

The decline in November was also the most significant in the past four months, while also representing the first decline in the 12 months rolling average since January 2013.

While these results are encouraging, the company is still challenged by the losses due to fuel under-recovery (occasioned by theft). November's under-recovery was US$3.5m. This now brings the total loss on fuel to US$34.5m since June and $43.2m (year to date).

This year, JPS has invested US$7.261m in measures to reduce the system loss experienced by the company.

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