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December 20, 2013
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Jonnah confirmed for Sting 2013


Magnum Kings and Queens 2013 winner, Jonnah, is looking forward to a performance at this year's Sting 2013 concert at the Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St Catherine.

"Mi ah come, mi mek my mark at Sting 2013, mi a come fi surprise some people, because mi have some new lyrics fi mi fans. Mi do rehearsals and everything so mi fully charged," Jonnah said.

The talented singjay, who scored a radio hit this year with This Morning, has been working hard at honing his craft, voicing several songs which will be released in an EP in 2014.

"Next year will see me doing my first album, which will be a mix of reggae one drop, and fast-paced dancehall songs. The fans dem ah go love it and the album will be available for download on iTunes, CDbaby, Rhapsody, just check mi Twitter @jonnah111 for updates," he said.

Jonnah has signed a recording and booking deal with Multi Musiclabel, which also features dancehall deejay Money Pallet. The deejay also released a new video in November for the Chimney Records-produced single, Limit Is The Sky.

a great video

"Both my videos are in heavy rotation, This Morning and Limit Is The Sky, sometimes dem all play back to back. Right now, the ting really tun up. The girls dem love the look of the Limit Is The Sky, the pretty cars, big house, it is a great video," he said.

He will be heading to Europe for the first time next year as he has a series of club shows booked for France in January. The deejay is also working on a number of new songs under the Multi Music imprint. He has a new single called Jaguar X Type where he deejays about his favourite car. He is such a big fan of the Jaguar brand that he actually bought a Jaguar as his first car.

You can follow Jonnah on Twitter@jonnah111 and on his Facebook fan page Jonnah.

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