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December 20, 2013
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Ifertari's 'Black Skin' gets good reviews


The reggae-loving public has been responding well to Ifertari's new single, 'Black Skin', because of the social and political undertones to her song.

"Black Skin is inspirational. I see what is going on, and I see the colour preferences in Jamaica. I remember one time walking with my brown-skinned friend and men calling to her instead of me but in more dangerous ways. This colour-preference culture has created a lot of damaged people," Ifertari said.

creating a buzz

The song is creating a decent buzz in the Caribbean and the African diaspora. Ifertari leaves the island on December 22 for a poetry club show and birthday party in Xuma in The Bahamas. On Monday, she will be headed over to Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, for a reggae show.

Black Skin is available for sale on Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, and several other downloadable sites.

Since this year, Ifertari has performed at events such as Jah Bouks Birthday Party in June, and done reggae events at the Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts in July, and three stints at Jungle Fire in Portmore since August.

"I didn't become a Rasta, I was born a Rasta. Once yuh a Jah pickney, yuh a Jah pickney," she said.

Ifertari has been busy in the studio working on new projects. She has a combination single, I Will Never Love Another, with Avalanche of the Portmore Empire that she says is doing well in local dances. She is also working on a project with well-known entertainment figure Homer Harris, who she says is her mentor.

"A me and Mr Harris doing some serious work because he is back in production. There is a producer from Hartford, Connecticut, whose name is Wacky Sculla, aka Makavelli, and we are working on a song called Weh Yu Gone? So the work continues; 2014 will be bigger and better," she said.

You can follow Ifertari on twitter@IFERTARI and at Instagram@IFERTARI.

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