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December 21, 2013
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Prodigal Son apologises for recent actions

Persons considered behaviour inappropriate for a Christian

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Adamant that he is still very much a Christian, gospel artiste Prodigal Son recently posted a video in which he apologised for recent actions that some people have deemed inappropriate.

In the video that was posted on December 18, Prodigal Son apologised to his fans and well-wishers for his actions.

"I didn't say I am not a Christian because I will never change my faith. I believe in Jesus Christ 100 per cent. But there are social issues that I am called to talk about. With the influence that God has placed in my life I want to play my part," Prodigal Son said in the two minute-long video that was posted on his Facebook page.

He also apologised for some of the material he played during the Magnum All-Star Million Dollar Face-Off Celebrity Clash against fellow gospel artiste, Omari at Famous Nightclub in Portmore recently because "maybe it wasn't the right thing to do," he said.


"I want to apologise to you guys who have supported me over the years, those who continue to support me and those who feel I have let them down. If I let you down, I apologise. I ask your forgiveness and keep praying for me and keep helping me to move my ministry forward," he said.

In an interview with THE STAR, Prodigal Son said he thought it was necessary to apologise and even clarify a few things.

"I did that video because I did the interview and stated that I was going to do culture music. They interpreted that (to mean) I was not doing gospel music anymore. You can't be too big to say you are sorry," he told THE STAR.

When asked if he was receiving a lot of backlash from the clash, Prodigal Son said, "yes, a lot of people were saying wow and all kinds of stuff."

But he says he is still open to perform at any event, whether Christian or non-Christian.

"But in going there I need to be a little more careful in how I represent. It is a heavy mantle, but I have to carry it," he said, noting that the public has been receptive and understanding of the video.

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