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December 23, 2013
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Mayfield All-Age School treats senior citizens for christmas

Miss Rose, an elderly resident of Top Hill, St Elizabeth, is overcome with emotion at receiving a care package from Mayfield All-Age student Khaliel Lewis. - Contributed

The elderly and shut-in residents of the St Elizabeth communities of Southfield, Yardley Chase, Bellevue, Top Hill and Queensbury, were recent beneficiaries of care packages that were distributed by Principal George Lewis and the students and teachers of Mayfield All-Age School.

The effort was part of their 'giving back to community' initiative.

Lewis and the school community, made an appeal to stakeholders - parents, teachers and business partners - for the donation of food items and toiletries to be placed in the school's 'Christmas Hamper'.

The items were then used to prepare these special-care packages which were well appreciated by the recipients and brought them cheer for the holiday season.

Lewis recently became the principal and he has been developing a very positive relationship with the parents and residents of the communities that surround and support the school.

"The parents, residents and the business community have been very supportive and this is our way of giving back. It is the season of giving and so we are happy for this opportunity to show the various communities that we appreciate their support," revealed Lewis. "We recognise that sometimes at this time of year, with the many activities that we are involved in, this particular group of individuals is sometimes inadvertently overlooked and so Mayfield All-Age School has made this group its focus. We want to ensure that they also feel the love and joy that the Christmas season brings."

He indicated that the school aims to make this an annual activity.

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