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December 27, 2013
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All set for Stone Love anni tomorrow
Mel Cooke, Star Writer

Bounty Killer (left), and Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell.

By the look of the poster only, the performers dominate at Stone Love Movements' 41st anniversary celebrations, which will be held at the Red Stripe Oval, Spanish Town Road, tomorrow night.

And it is a strong line-up, too, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, I-Octane, Mavado, Cocoa Tea and Ginjah (who Stone Love owner Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell expects to put on a strong showing) making the bill. However, he points out that in addition to Stone Love, Metro Media, Bass Odyssey, Boom Boom, Soul To Soul, Alanzo Hawk and Welton Irie will be at the turntables. So, Powell said, "it will balance back to more equal, and not being in one side". For while the artistes will be doing shorter performances "more spicy", as Powell puts it), the sound systems will be playing longer.

Not to be left out of the celebration is the awards, a part of the annual celebrations which has proven unwieldy in the past but was handled much better in 2012. "Last year, we try to do it different. It worked a little better than previous years," Powell said.

Still, there are no thoughts of cutting the awards out of the event. "The awards are a must. These type of awards are not done by the big organisations. They leave out the little people who form this great aspect to dancehall. We cannot leave them out," Powell said.

He also hopes to leave his son, Duane Pow, and ace selector Geefus out of tomorrow's celebrations, although they are currently on a tour of Japan representing Stone Love.

Last December, Powell was looking towards putting an improved sound system, the Super Stone Love, on the road. However, he said he was set back by a broken leg. "It is almost complete ... I don't think I have any excuse next year. I was almost tempted to take out a piece and play with the old one (tomorrow night)," Powell said.

There have also been developments in the general sound system landscape. Although "this has been a challenging year, due to the same thing with the Noise Abatement Act", there has been some change for the better as far as the sound systems are concerned. Powell noted that the police have been more lenient, and wonders if "it is because Mr Crawford, [State Minister in the Ministry of Youth and Tourism], has been lobbying".

With 41 years under Stone Love's belt, Powell attributes the sound system's durability to a professional approach. "We have presented ourselves to make sound system like a business ... . In past times, people used to say it's a boogo yagga thing. They are accepting it now," Powell said.

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