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December 27, 2013
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Influential's 'Suffer' generates buzz

Influential - File

Jobes Hill Records reggae singer, Influential, has been generating a lot of buzz with his latest single, 'Suffer'. He performed the song at community events in Sandy Park, St Andrew, and Kabaka Pyramid's event at the Triple Century in New Kingston on Sunday night.

"When mi touch the stage over Sandy Park and draw Suffer, the whole place lift up, it was a mad vibe, the people dem a sing the song word for word. Mi surprised, mi haffi ask myself 'how dem know it so quick?'. Ah the first mi ever have a song that people tek on to so fast," Influential said.

Influential also wowed fans at Triple Century in New Kingston with the revolutionary song.

"I Wayne called me up over the Kabaka Pyramid show, and mi premiere the song and the response was great. People tell me say dem a see the video on TV, and the artistes dem say the song have a mad vibe," Influential said.

The video for Suffer was bankrolled by Jobes Hill Records who have inked a management deal with Influential.

"Right now, ah Jobes Hill Records ah mek the ting click. The video will be released later this week, and mi just have to give thanks to Mama Elise, Ron Muschette and DJ Wayne who ah play the Suffer song. Fans can just type in 'suffer 2014' on YouTube to see the video," he said.

As the Christmas season winds down, Influential also made an appeal to partygoers to be responsible in their actions and not drink and drive.

"This is the time of the year where people get intoxicated and get behind the wheel. It is bad enough during the year, we had a lot of carnage on the roads this year, notably the case with the minibus drivers who were racing and killed off the students from Holmwood Technical. That's why mi do the song, Road Hog, to bring awareness to what is going on," he said.

Influential is known for the singles, Road Hog and Cancer. He has toured Europe and the United States as part of I Wayne's team, but in recent weeks, he has teamed up with a new record label which will be aggressively pushing his music in major music markets worldwide. He can be contacted for bookings at 395-1518.

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