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January 2, 2014
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DAYTIME GO-GO DANCING - Exotic club plans to open in the day
Rasbert Turner, STAR Writer

In an attempt to stand out in an ever-increasing slate of entertainment in St Catherine, one operator of an exotic club has decided that he will now be opening during the days, even on Sundays.

Owen 'Jay' Junior, manager of Cookies Nightclub, Port Henderson 'Back Road', Portmore, St Catherine, says he has decided to make a radical change to make his club cater to a wider audience.

"The club needs to be a full-scale operation, therefore, we are embarking on day entertainment for all. It has been here for over a decade and needs to be more than just a night spot," he said.

He said in addition to its normal night activities, as of the start of this year the club will be also opened every day in the week, with dancers doing their usual activities on some of these.

"There are persons who do not want to be out in the wee hours they can now be out from 1p.m. to be entertained," Junior continued.

And it seems that Junior's new operation will be well received among patrons.

When THE STAR spoke to several persons who usually go to exotic clubs, most of them said they were willing to attend during the day.

Thirty-seven-year-old Everton Bryan told THE STAR, "I think it's a good idea, some guys work nights and I think it's a good move by the person opening it."

'an awesome idea'

While 24-year-old Shanique Anderson stated, "I think it's an awesome idea! It's not only nights I want to see performances, but also during the day."

However, the church is quite disturbed by the new move. Pastor of the Portmore New Testament Church of God Wellesly Blair told THE STAR that he is most displeased with this enterprise.

"It's a shame! I cannot endorse this! I am very disturbed about it, it shouldn't be open during the night much less in the day! I am totally against it."

When THE STAR contacted head of the St Catherine South police division, SSP Ronald Anderson, he advised our news team of the legal requirements for operating a club, adding that the type of license obtained would outline how the club can operate.

"If he has a club license then his opening hours will have to be in accordance with the law. There are two types of licences, member's club and proprietor's club license. I'm not sure which he has but the proprietor's club opens at 10 a.m. - 4 a.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. - midnight on Sundays. Once he operates anything outside the time on the licence would be a breach and that is where the police come in," he said.

He continued, "... for any change to occur they would have to apply through the police and we would do the necessary checks ... ."

Cookie's day activities will include 'Oily Wednesdays', 'Vintage on Sundays' and 'Selectors Fridays'.

THE STAR was informed that each Wednesday the exotic dancers will be involved in oil wrestling, on Fridays different selectors will entertain, while on Sundays a more laid-back format will be used.

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