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January 3, 2014
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Jay Prince on the rise with 'Concrete Jungle'

Jay Prince - Contributed

HDX10 Studios recording artiste, Jay Prince, is on the verge of a major breakthrough as he has scored his first radio hit with 'Concrete Jungle'.

The 20 year-old has an uncanny way with words, and to demonstrates the full range of his intellect on the hard-hitting song with a catchy singalong hook, that speaks to the inhumane conditions of the inner city that has created a generation of bloody gun violence, broken families and shattered dreams.

"I come to teach and revolutionise the youths mind. That is my main mission. I have been a victim of the system, and who feels it, knows. I just want to be a voice for and to stand up for the youths who are coming up like myself who want a different path," Jay Prince said.

Born downtown Kingston as Prince Afrika Theophilus Williams, on October 23, 1993, Jay is the fourth of five children for his mother andthe youngest of 14 for his father.

Even though he was raised in a hostile community, Jay's home upheld the humble vibes and tenets of Rastafari. A direct descendant of Rasta royalty, he is the grandson of Mah Ashanti and Pah Ashanti of the Ashanti tribe, well-known and revered Rastafarian antecedents, who helped to establish the Nyabinghi tribe at a time when they were persecuted by the Jamaican state.

Jay Prince's grandfather passed before he was born, leaving Mah Ashanti to continue the teachings of Rastafari which she passed on to him, his brother and sisters.

"Mi a grow my locks all my life. The teachings of Rastafari kept me grounded in a volatile area. I am from that community, but not of that community. I feel that only a weak man allows his environment and community to shape and dictate what kind of man he will be," he said.

Jay Prince uses his experiences to inspire him, musically, to bring the Rastafari message of love, peace and militancy in self to the wider masses.

"The message is what motivates me, musically, yes. I want to entertain and to earn financially, but my big aim is to change and revolutionise the minds of the youths. Many of my friends are dead, in jail or involved in a gang. I want to be a different example to inspire others to choose a different path," he said."Through music, I can globalise the correction."

Apart from Concrete Jungle, other standout singles such as 7 Times, which speaks to the indomitable fighting spirit of the everyday people, will be included on an EP with other songs in Jay Prince's catalogue such as Think Great, Real Vampire, Lose My Mind and others.

He can be contacted for bookings at hdx10studio@gmail.com

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