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Monday | January 6, 2014
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Razor B shoots 'Whine & Stop' video
There's nothing that motivates the dancing community like a good video shoot in which they get to display their abundant talent. And this was the scenario recently at locations in Kingston and St Catherine, as some of Jamaica's top dancers showed their flexibility at the shoot for Razor B's newest single, 'Whine & Stop'.

First Lady, Latisha; Lisa Global; Chin and Loggo Loggo - some of the most highly rated dancers in the dancehall - led the crew through their paces as they perfected the moves for the classy Whine & Stop dance that is predicted to take the dancehall by storm this year.

"These dancers are amazing!" Razor B said as he watched them create the dance after listening to the song only once. "Jamaica is so full of talent, it is mind-boggling," he noted as Latisha, who he refers to as "Di teacha" in the single, showed another dancer some of the moves.

Their lithe, supple movements, while bearing the marks of the dancehall, also contained much grace. As one female on the shoot pointed out, "These are not moves for the uninitiated, even though they appear to be so simple."

Another party song from the Canadian-Jamaican artiste, Whine & Stop recognises some of the dancers in the lyrics and, as Razor B emphasises, "Dancing is such an integral part of the dancehall that I had to do a song that shows respect to this important group of entertainers."

Up-and-coming artiste Daro, also has a cameo in the single, which is a follow-up to Razor B's We Party, which has been blazing the charts in North America and Jamaica.

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