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January 10, 2014
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A Busy collab with Yola Moi rocks Caymanas
Ainsley Walters, Star Writer

Busy Signal

Busy signal, riding the platinum crest of a Major Lazer collab, 'Watch Out For This', the soundtrack for a Pepsi advert starring Argentina and Barcelona football great, Lionel Messi, has teamed up with hot, sexy new artiste, Yola Moi, for the catchy track, 'Nuh Wine Discreet'.

Busy, fresh off a European tour, performed the song with Yola, for the first time, at Caymanas Park on New Year's Day and was impressed with the response.

Renowned as a risk-taking contemporary dancehall act, Busy, who has hit big with slow jams such as Night Shift and One More Night in the normally hardcore dancehall market, said he did not hesitate to accompany new act Yola Moi on Nuh Wine Discreet.

"It was different, the beat and the idea," Busy explained. "I saw that she had the talent, instantly, because she not only writes, she also dances and does choreography as well," he added.

Yola Moi is no stranger to the big stage. In fact, she has been on stages all her life, as the martial artist Danielle Chang of Future Leaders Eagle Karate and Jamaica's female combined martial arts team.

The petite 22-year-old stands 5' 2" but her talents hover above her stature, having recently returned from North Cyprus with a silver medal at the International Sport Kickboxing Association's World Championship.

"My manager came up with the idea to do a collab with Busy. He said, 'get a rhythm and envision Busy Signal on it. Write your part and we will take it to him,'" she recounted.

"I did it and he said he really loved it. He said he wouldn't have done it if he didn't love the song. He jumped on it right away," said Yola Moi.

"All I did was put my style to it," Busy confirmed.

Yola Moi said Nuh Wine Discreet is on the 'One Stop Rhythm', produced by Riva Nile productions.

"I have been getting good responses. It has been released on YoTube and getting a lot of views with positive comments. Hopefully, the local disc jocks will love it and give it a strength," she added.

A versatile artiste, Yola Moi has been an entertainment magnet since her mid-teens.

"I have always been singing since 16, 17, always involved in entertainment. I have been a part of dance groups such as Pro Moves Dance Company, doing ballet, jazz, hip hop, dancehall, soca, tap dancing, everything," she said.

The stage name Yola Moi, she shared, is part-Greek and Chinese.

"Yola means 'Always True' in Greek and Moi is 'Sister' in Chinese," she said.

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