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January 10, 2014
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Man jailed for stealing $25k, cigarette

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey on Wednesday denied bail to a man accused of stealing $25,000, a cigarette, a cigarette lighter and a silver bracelet from a shop.

Norval Cummings, of a Corporate Area address was ordered remanded when he appeared in court to answer larceny charges.

After pleading guilty, Cummings who remains in custody was ordered to return to the Corporate Area RM Court for trial on January 14.

Allegations are that Samantha McIntosh, the operator of the shop, had stepped out for a while. On return Cummings was seen stuffing an assortment of items into his pockets.

McIntosh said she managed to grab him but he escaped.

"Him box off me hand and him get away," she said.

In reference to the charges, RM Pusey stated that instead of simple larceny, it should have been robbery.

"If him push him hand in the shop, its breaking in," said RM Pusey.

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