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January 13, 2014
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Downtown hairdressers unhappy with suggested tax increase
Chad Bryan, Star Writer

One of the hairdressers in downtown Kingston. - Chad Bryan

Hairdressers, manicurists and pedicurists in downtown Kingston expressed dissatisfaction Friday, over a suggestion made that the Government should impose higher taxes on cosmetic products like hair, nails and bleaching cream in a bid to rake in money.

Businesswoman Yaneek Page, speaking on a radio programme, said an imposition of higher import taxes on these products may drive up their prices, thereby reducing demand.

Page says with a higher import duty on cosmetic products like hair and nails, there would have to be more rigorous enforcement.

This year, it is being projected that Jamaica will spend $1 billion to import the products.

Page's suggestion, however, has not gone down well with a number of women who use these products in their roadside businesses in an attempt to make money.

"Tax a kill people now. We can't manage that and it done a kill people now. We can't manage that. The products dem already expensive and we a bawl already," a woman, who identified herself as Tamara, said.

"Bigger and better things out there for them to tax. Tax Flow, the resorts and the tourists," said another woman, who declined to give her name.

One customer however, seemed satisfied with Page's suggestion.

"Mi nuh have nothing against it. If it was food, then is a different problem. Like how is hair that we are paying a bag a money for, dem can put on a little tax on that. Mi nuh have no problem with that. The hair can't eat, it a mash up we body but we still a use it," the woman said.

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