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January 16, 2014
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Jay Prince releases 'Concrete Jungle'

Jay Prince - File

HDX10 Studios recording artiste, Jay Prince, released a video for his radio hit, Concrete Jungle, to rave reviews. "The response has been incredible so far, in the streets, when mi touch downtown, ah crazy ting, people love the video and dem recognise me in the streets because dem a take a second look at me so the rotation ah work ... big up the whole ah downtown, dem a show me mad love," Jay Prince said.

The 20-year-old, who once pushed a handcart to support himself in the hustling commercial district of downtown Kingston, has captivated the imagination of the public with Concrete Jungle. The single is a hard-hitting song with a catchy singalong hook that speaks of the inhumane conditions of the inner city that has created a generation of bloody gun violence, broken families and shattered dreams.

"I come to teach and revolutionise the youth's mind, that is my main mission. I have been a victim of the system, and who feels it knows. I just want to be a voice for and to stand up for the youths who are coming up like myself who want a different path," Jay Prince said.

With his producer St Patrick Stewart, otherwise known as 'Drew', the owner and producer of the HDX studios, he is certainly on a path to success. He recently did interviews with Markland Edwards of RJR during his 'Ignition' show, and did interviews on TVJ's Intense and Suzie Q's Video Alley.

"The feedback has just been incredible, I feel blessed and Drew's Love, Music, Religion philosophy is winning over a lot of new fans. Right now, we are planning to do rehearsals so we can take on some live shows and promote the single to the people," Jay Prince said.

He can be contacted for bookings at hdx10studio@gmail.com, or on Facebook.com/HDX Studio, https://twitter.com/Hdx10Studios.

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