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January 17, 2014
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Guinness selects third set of High Rollerz

(From left): Wain McNeil, first-prize winner, Samantha Shirley (Guinness girl), Tracy Ann Thelwell, assistant brand manager, Guinness, Shonique Brown (Guinness girl), and David Ward, third-prize winner.

Tracy Ann Thelwell, assistant brand manager, Guinness, reads an entry in the Guinness High Rollerz promotion while Shane Healy, supply director, Red Stripe, looks on.

Nateisha Fairclough (second left), second-prize winner in the Guinness High Rollerz promotion, is all smiles as she accepts her prize from the Guinness girls.

"Six out of 14 parishes have already had winners emerging in the Guinness High Rollerz promotion. You could be next," exclaimed Racquel Nevins, brand manager, Guinness.

In the most recent draw, three main prize-winners were chosen, they are Wain McNeil from Manchester, Nateisha Fairclough, and David Ward, both from Kingston.

Since December, there have been six major winners and hundreds of smaller prize-winners.

Wain McNeil was elated when it was announced that he was the first-place winner in the Guinness High Rollerz promotion. McNeil walked away with a Yamaha FZ6R Motor Cycle, with a full year of insurance.

"I would walk and pick up Guinness bottle stoppers and my friends would ask if I was getting mad," McNeil said. He further explained that it never stopped him from collecting these Guinness crowns, as it has now paid off for him, thanks to Guinness.

Nateisha Fairclaugh won herself the second prize of a stainless steel fridge filled with her favourite brew and three years' warranty.

Faiclaugh followed the same strategy as McNeil. She collected the Guinness crowns and submitted them along with the entry form with her name, address and contact information, as well as the slogan 'Guinness Made for More'.

The third-place winner of a Motor Cycle SZ16 with full year of insurance undoubtedly got 'more.' David Ward was astonished when he found out he won the Motor Cycle SZ16.

"First mi have to thank Father God, and Guinness for making this greatness happen for me. Mi nah stop drink Guinness, straight," he said.

The competition kicked off in October and has been creating quite a buzz on the bar and event circuit.

Each first-place winner wins a Yamaha FZ6R Motor Cycle with full year's insurance. The third-place winner will win a Yamaha Motor Cycle SZ16, also with a full year of insurance while second-place winners get a stainless steel fridge full of Guinness and three years' warranty.

There is still one set of winners left to be announced.

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